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Who We Are

The team at Ahead Of the Curve Law® ensures that your estate planning is unique to you, your family dynamics, your assets. We applaud you for wanting to control your life by making sound decisions now that will govern what happens later when you cannot manage your affairs yourself because of incapacity or death.

You will feel less stressed when life hits you because you will have relationship with this firm. You won’t worry as much about the legal issues and can concentrate on your loved ones, knowing things are in hand. This relationship will develop because you enjoy and trust the lawyer and staff with whom you have shared your personal affairs. Your planning documents will be especially created for you. Together, the firm and you will keep your estate plan fresh and pertinent.

Two things reduce stress during life transitions. Excellent documents. Clear communication within the family. This firm prides itself on delivering both.

Lisa is always honored to hear that she just doesn’t seem like the typical lawyer. She’s not.

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What You Can Expect

  • A meeting with a lawyer for a free, telephonic consultation, prior to deciding to start the planning process or engage the firm;
  • A flat fee in most estate planning matters so that you know what it costs and do not fear being charged when you call with questions or information;
  • A plan designed, drafted, and reviewed by your lawyer, and NOT a paralegal;
  • A lawyer who will take the necessary time to help you understand your legal documents and how your plan operates;
  • Guidance for deciding whether you or the firm will handle processing beneficiary designations and transferring assets to your trust in order to avoid probate so your plan works.
  • Future updates, only authorized by you at a fee to which you agree, that will keep your plan ahead of the curve from year to year and foster smooth transitions;
  • Family meetings to answer questions in a setting that is transparent to improve family understanding of future events and each person’s role in the process;
  • An energized, personal experience with your attorney and firm staff.

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  • Kathie
    Lisa demonstrated phenomenal people skills with unbelievable expertise. I was so impressed with her patience and perseverance throughout her multi-management of the process. I always felt confident and secure that the best solutions were always achieved. She has an amazing ability to reach and embrace all cultures and actively learn about differences as the case progressed to finality. The entire process seemed amazingly smooth thanks to her incredible timelines and structural organization. Lisa definitely mastered the art of perfection in her work. I was extremely pleased with the end product and would recommend her highly from the perspective of a return or new client.
  • J.C.
    When I moved to the Phoenix area, a business associate referred me to Lisa Keylon. After having previously worked with two different trust attorneys, I can sincerely say that Lisa is awesome! What a difference in the level of service that Lisa provides. She is completely thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and entirely dedicated to MY specific wishes and needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa Keylon, without reservation.
  • -Clarice Lappe
    When my mom’s physical health and autonomy began to deteriorate about a year ago, I found Lisa Keylon through my financial advisor. In a matter of weeks, Lisa transformed my mother’s estate plan into a clear and comprehensive who-, what-, when-, where- and how-to, should my mom become incapacitated, based on my mother’s wishes. Her work was so thorough and our experience with her was so easy, we thought, hey, let’s do the same for my brother! None of us could anticipate the curve balls he would have in store for his future, but Lisa managed to convert some very sensitive, even controversial ideas into a system of contingency trusts and agreements, all within a very tight time frame. On the rare occasion that an idea is really “out there”, Lisa teams up with the best specialists. Working with them and with her comparatively, I further appreciated Lisa’s genuine attention and concern for the needs of our family. She has a true gift for working with people. And a knack for not getting ruffled. She might want to consider retitling her business: Ahead of the Curve Ball!
    -Clarice Lappe
  • -Terri
    Lisa was very careful, thorough and kind during what was a very sad time for our family... She was not only our attorney but was also a friend to us.
  • -
    Lisa really helped us make sense out of a complicated his, hers and theirs type of situation. She helped us understand our estate planning options, then let us decide what path would be right for us. The trust she prepared for us is robust, and has provisions for nearly everything that might happen to us over the next several years. In the end, she took the time to explain all the parts of the trust documents, including identifying the part that might need to be updated over time as our situation changes.
  • -
    We were referred to Lisa when my husband died suddenly without warning leaving a complicated financial situation due to a failed business as well as a family trust with some difficult issues to resolve before resolution could be achieved. Lisa, in a very friendly manner, worked with us to settle the estate. She is definitely a detail person and made sure everything was done thoroughly and properly so that there would not be unexpected problems down the road. We felt that she was very competent and we appreciated all she did for us.
  • -Carmen T.
    I count on Lisa to hep me in a clear step by step way.  I trust her to follow through with guidance in what I need to do with the least amount of stress.
    -Carmen T.
  • -
    ·         I recommend Lisa Keylon. ·         I hired Lisa 1-3 years ago. ·         Lisa handled my Family matter. When my husband died suddenly, Lisa helped our family settle the estate and get the family trust in order. There was a failed business involved and a lot of detail work was required and Lisa is good at dealing with details. She made sure that all aspects of the situation were properly put in place. She is very thorough and organized in all that she does
  • -George S.
    Great personality and office staff. Very efficient. Prices are very reasonable. Helped my son and I with our Gun Trust. Plan to have her do my Revocable Living Trust in the near future.
    -George S.
  • Lisa enjoys what she does and is thorough to a fault, creating a complete trust document albeit somewhat complex. Her emphasis on family and managing family relationships through the estate process and longer term is outstanding. Lisa is easy to work with and inclusive of all those who may need to involved, such as your financial advisor. We enjoyed working with her.​
  • -Patsy & Marty N
    Thank you for your careful guidance and thoughtful execution of our estate planning documents. We are particularly impressed with your follow-through to make certain that our various holdings and accounts are properly registered. We know from experience that the plans are only truly effective if assets are re-titled to the trust. The privacy documents simplified that process immensely.
    Lisa, we are also impressed that your fees for your service and ideas are so reasonable for the work performed.  It was clear to me that you did not charge us for every minute of your time! We are happy to recommend you most highly.
    -Patsy & Marty N
  • -
    My Living Trust was created in 1997. As the time went by and so many items and people and my desires listed in the trust had changed. I felt very uncomfortable and hoped that nothing would happen to me before the trust was re-stated. Looking for a good lawyer I asked around and even interviewed a couple. Neither felt like the 'right' lawyer. Then, I was recommended to Lisa. I immediately felt confident about her and used her. I gave her excellent results for each of the review ratings on Avvo. She deserved each. She was more like a friend who had a genuine interest in setting up the trust the way that it should be and for what I wanted to accomplish. I don't do many of these reviews and it may sound a bet hokey. It is how I feel Lisa.