You Need To Know Your Parents Plan for Medical Decision-making

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August 15, 2017
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If you know what your parents’ wishes are when they are hospitalized, you will experience a lot less stress.  I had a client call me to get support when his father was hospitalized unexpectedly.    His dad was visiting in Arizona, but his mom was in their home state.  His mother was being cared for by a caregiver and was not able to manage her own affairs.  This situation required him to have healthcare and financial powers of attorney, but he did not have easy access to those documents.

Luckily,  he knew what his father wanted in terms of end of life care. Thankfully, the hospital also was practical and was willing to communicate with him without the legal documents in its files.  However,  that did not totally ease his stress.  He does not know if there is General Durable Power of Attorney (Financial POA) in place.  He is getting calls from his mother’s caregiving agency asking for payment, and he may or may not have the authority to handle that situation with his parents’ funds.

His parents had talked to him but had not given him the tools that he needs, as a son, to handle the situation easily.  A better plan would be to have provided a copy to the loved ones who will be there to help you.  This assumes that you have planned, which you should do.  In addition,  it makes a great deal of sense to share easy access to these key documents via a cloud based service.

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