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  • Brad G.
    Lisa was great and I am so grateful for her help. I’m 66, and have never done any estate planning. Lisa explained everything I needed, charging me a very reasonable amount. She is a kind and patient lawyer and was interested in all my concerns. More importantly, she was very thorough, professional and accurate concerning my estate planning. Her follow through along with her office manager Claire could not have been better. Certainly recommend.
    Brad G.
  • Nancy M.
    I was referred to Lisa from my sister in law. I had recently lost my husband and kept being told I needed a trust. I had no idea what a trust was. Lisa was patient and thorough with me. My trust is complete and I can now rest easy. Lisa was very helpful. She listened to my concerns and answered my questions in great detail. Lisa made the whole process easy. I highly recommend Lisa.
    Nancy M.
  • Dave M.
    I've known Lisa for 16 years & referred her many times. Lisa and Claire do a great job for their clients. We had our plan done with them several years ago and just made some updates. They were quick, efficient, and very easy to work with. Thank you!
    Dave M.
  • Melody G.
    I worked with Lisa on getting my trust set up, and she was wonderful to work with! Lisa is great at listening and providing helpful advice, and she really simplified the process. It was quick, easy, and efficient, and Lisa was lovely to work with. I highly recommend Lisa Kurtz Keylon for being an amazing estate attorney.
    Melody G.
  • Sarah B.
    Lisa is very knowledgeable about current legal issues involving wills and trusts. She listened carefully to the details of our blended family and to our intentions for distributing our assets. She was very helpful answering questions and clarifying how the trust would function in different situations. I highly recommend Lisa.
    Sarah B.
  • Michael K.
    Lisa and her staff are open and engaging and met us at our level while providing comprehensive professional service. Lisa provided a stress-free environment and helped us navigate unfamiliar territory. She listened to our questions, answered with clarity, and put us at ease at every step. It's a great burden lifted to have completed our estate planning with Ahead of the Curve Law and we learned a great deal going through the process. I recommend Lisa and her team to anyone who wants high-quality estate planning advice, comprehensive understandable documentation, and focus and attention to your unique circumstances.
    Michael K.
  • Susan
    Lisa Keylon recently assisted with my Estate trust and I would recommend her expertise to anyone regardless of your net worth. She is extremely detail oriented, thorough and efficient in her work.
  • Barbara
    Lisa is absolutely the best! I was between a rock and a hard place. I was getting divorced and buying a new home. My ex husband to be refused to sign the paperwork stating that he would have absolutely no ownership in the house. The title company wanted that paperwork signed. My ex was just being as difficult as possible. Boy, could I tell you some stories about that. Lol. The title company suggested that I open a trust and buy the house through the trust and then he wouldn’t need to sign the disclaimer. Lisa Keylon was referred to me by my insurance guy. I called her and she immediately knew what we needed to do. I was working on a short time window and my house was set to close in 10 days. I am still amazed that she was able to get everything done and I bought my house through my new Trust. I also did my living will and power of attorneys ect. along with the trust. She gave great advice and definitely had a vast knowledge of the law regarding trusts and estate planning. I recommend her highly.
  • Mark
    We have known Lisa for 7 years as she did some previous trust work for us with excellent results. Our family trust required updates and we went again to Lisa due to the great experience from the past. Lisa is very knowledgeable on the subjects and explains everything in a way that a non-legal person can understand. In addition she is very personable and easy to work with on these matters which at times can get a bit intense! The entire process went well and we are very pleased. We have additional trust work to update that have already retained Lisa to start in April. You will not be disappointed with Lisa, very professional and courteous.
  • Joyce P.
    Our family has used Lisa and her services for many years, in fact we had such a good experience that we followed her when she moved to her current practice. Recently, we needed her professional help revisiting the family Trust and Estate Plan following the death of my father. Once again Lisa helped with every step, in fact she took our call while on vacation going above and beyond expectation. We worked together on trust amendments, property deeds, beneficiaries, EIN requests, family settlement agreement and much more. More importantly, Lisa has that down to earth approach, not only in her demeanor but also in her ability to fully explain all steps involved.
    Joyce P.
  • Gordon H.
    After my mother died, we realized while she had a trust, no assets were actually placed into the trust. Mom’s attorney had passed away himself before completing all the legal paperwork. Lisa was able to complete the paperwork, which the court agreed with and we were able to close out the estate. I was very impressed with the results. I then hired Lisa to create an estate plan for me personally. Would highly recommend for any will / estate planning services.
    Gordon H.
  • Mary M.
    My family had such a complicated Trust and Will that needed to be updated, with two properties to protect for the future, and after several months of addressing requests from my mother, disabled brother, and siblings, it is completed, and written with a WIN/WIN for everybody. Lisa's attention to detail is exceptional, and I would highly recommend her for your consideration.
    Mary M.
  • Kathie
    Lisa demonstrated phenomenal people skills with unbelievable expertise. I was so impressed with her patience and perseverance throughout her multi-management of the process. I always felt confident and secure that the best solutions were always achieved. She has an amazing ability to reach and embrace all cultures and actively learn about differences as the case progressed to finality. The entire process seemed amazingly smooth thanks to her incredible timelines and structural organization. Lisa definitely mastered the art of perfection in her work. I was extremely pleased with the end product and would recommend her highly from the perspective of a return or new client.
  • Jeanette
    When I moved to the Phoenix area, a business associate referred me to Lisa Keylon. After having previously worked with two different trust attorneys, I can sincerely say that Lisa is awesome! What a difference in the level of service that Lisa provides. She is completely thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and entirely dedicated to MY specific wishes and needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa Keylon, without reservation.
  • Clarice
    When my mom’s physical health and autonomy began to deteriorate about a year ago, I found Lisa Keylon through my financial advisor. In a matter of weeks, Lisa transformed my mother’s estate plan into a clear and comprehensive who-, what-, when-, where- and how-to, should my mom become incapacitated, based on my mother’s wishes. Her work was so thorough and our experience with her was so easy, we thought, hey, let’s do the same for my brother! None of us could anticipate the curve balls he would have in store for his future, but Lisa managed to convert some very sensitive, even controversial ideas into a system of contingency trusts and agreements, all within a very tight time frame. On the rare occasion that an idea is really “out there”, Lisa teams up with the best specialists. Working with them and with her comparatively, I further appreciated Lisa’s genuine attention and concern for the needs of our family. She has a true gift for working with people. And a knack for not getting ruffled. She might want to consider retitling her business: Ahead of the Curve Ball!
  • Terri
    Lisa was very careful, thorough and kind during what was a very sad time for our family... She was not only our attorney but was also a friend to us.
  • Rick
    Lisa really helped us make sense out of a complicated his, hers and theirs type of situation. She helped us understand our estate planning options, then let us decide what path would be right for us. The trust she prepared for us is robust, and has provisions for nearly everything that might happen to us over the next several years. In the end, she took the time to explain all the parts of the trust documents, including identifying the part that might need to be updated over time as our situation changes.
  • anonymous
    We were referred to Lisa when my husband died suddenly without warning leaving a complicated financial situation due to a failed business as well as a family trust with some difficult issues to resolve before resolution could be achieved. Lisa, in a very friendly manner, worked with us to settle the estate. She is definitely a detail person and made sure everything was done thoroughly and properly so that there would not be unexpected problems down the road. We felt that she was very competent and we appreciated all she did for us.
  • Carmen T.
    I count on Lisa to help me in a clear step by step way.  I trust her to follow through with guidance in what I need to do with the least amount of stress.
    Carmen T.
  • anonymous
    ·         I recommend Lisa Keylon. ·         I hired Lisa 1-3 years ago. ·         Lisa handled my Family matter. When my husband died suddenly, Lisa helped our family settle the estate and get the family trust in order. There was a failed business involved and a lot of detail work was required and Lisa is good at dealing with details. She made sure that all aspects of the situation were properly put in place. She is very thorough and organized in all that she does
  • George S.
    Great personality and office staff. Very efficient. Prices are very reasonable. Helped my son and I with our Gun Trust. Plan to have her do my Revocable Living Trust in the near future.
    George S.
  • anonymous
    Lisa enjoys what she does and is thorough to a fault, creating a complete trust document albeit somewhat complex. Her emphasis on family and managing family relationships through the estate process and longer term is outstanding. Lisa is easy to work with and inclusive of all those who may need to involved, such as your financial advisor. We enjoyed working with her.​
  • Patsy & Marty N
    Thank you for your careful guidance and thoughtful execution of our estate planning documents. We are particularly impressed with your follow-through to make certain that our various holdings and accounts are properly registered. We know from experience that the plans are only truly effective if assets are re-titled to the trust. The privacy documents simplified that process immensely.
    Lisa, we are also impressed that your fees for your service and ideas are so reasonable for the work performed.  It was clear to me that you did not charge us for every minute of your time! We are happy to recommend you most highly.
    Patsy & Marty N
  • Gary
    My Living Trust was created in 1997. As the time went by and so many items and people and my desires listed in the trust had changed. I felt very uncomfortable and hoped that nothing would happen to me before the trust was re-stated. Looking for a good lawyer I asked around and even interviewed a couple. Neither felt like the 'right' lawyer. Then, I was recommended to Lisa. I immediately felt confident about her and used her. I gave her excellent results for each of the review ratings on Avvo. She deserved each. She was more like a friend who had a genuine interest in setting up the trust the way that it should be and for what I wanted to accomplish. I don't do many of these reviews and it may sound a bet hokey. It is how I feel Lisa.

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