James C. Keylon

Contact Information

Address | 11811 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite P-112, Phoenix, AZ 85028

Phone | 480-922-5552

Email | lisa@aheadofthecurvelaw.com

James' Bio

I began to work with groups to build teams during graduate school and later for the Governor of North Carolina. Since then, I have always incorporated team dynamics into all my consulting in the human resources and operations areas within companies. Those companies have spanned a wide array of businesses from grocery store to electronics to global wood producers. Finding the right individuals and understanding how to retain those gifted and creative talents has always been my modus operandae. By using input from every organizational level to streamline and motivate, satisfaction, attitude and and final results improve.

Family dynamics have been part of the businesses that I have served. They have been key to business succession planning for many businesses with which I have worked. Effective communication is effective communication, whether in a company or a family. Yet, family dynamics are clearly an integral part of aging, dying and transferring wealth. Having expert assistance to improve how family members work together can streamline your affairs and maintain a sense of family harmony.


  • University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
    All But Dissertation PhD in Counseling; minor-Psychology
  • North Carolina State University
    Masters in Education; major-Counseling, minor-Psychology
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian College
    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Sociology