Does Your Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Still Have Insurance That Will Pay Out?
August 15, 2017
August 15, 2017
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Mature couple consider signing an agreement. Closeup

Perhaps one of the worse things to endure is going blind.  My vision progressively worsens with age and my legal reading load.  For my mom, she had cataracts in her only good eye.  Her other eye is blind.  Of course, you would not know it from looking at her.  She looks normal.  In fact, she is beautiful!  She doesn’t act blind.  Thankfully, surgery was an option for her. 

The real story lies with old Phoenix and the days when folks in the community were just a few degrees removed from each other.  When we went to the Surgi- Center with my mother, we knew the area.  It was across the street from Good Samaritan Hospital- Good Sam.  This is one of the hospitals where my dad regularly performed surgery.  Turns out, he was at the Surgi-Center frequently. EVERY SINGLE NURSE AND DOCTOR my mother encountered for her cataract procedure knew my dad. Wow!  There was such a sense of belonging.  We all felt my mom was being treated by old friends, people who knew, liked and respected our family.   We all felt out stress level turn down a notch or two.

That is how it can be with your lawyer and their staff too.  I love knowing my clients and their families. I feel very proud when my clients share their life events with me. It makes a difference in the joy I experience helping people.

If you want your kids or siblings or parents to know me or my team better, we’d like that.  We are pleased to schedule time for meeting your family. We can talk about how the plan works before it needs to.