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Welcome to the legal services of Lisa Kurtz Keylon, Esq.
at Ahead Of The Curve Law®.
I am confident that you want to stay "Ahead of the Curve."

2017 - Time to focus on the Family!

Top 10 reasons to plan for your disability or death...

#10 You have an estate, everyone does, regardless of size, and if you don't plan, Arizona plans for you!

#9 On-line living wills, without the advice of a lawyer, can fail if there are gaps or inconsistencies

#8 Typed wills without witnesses, even if signed by the person who died, are invalid.  Without a will Arizona decides who gets your assets - TRUE

#7 Nice relatives, serving as trustees, sometimes steal trust assets and need to be removed as trustee - TRUE

#6 Orally telling friends and relatives what you want to happen when you die is not legally binding on bank....unless you sue and win - TRUE

#5 "Pay on Death" beneficiaries get to keep the money and are not required to disburse the money according to your will - TRUE

#4 Most IRA beneficiaries take a lump sum of money and spend it rather than benefiting from allowing the money to continue to grow tax deferred - TRUE

#3 You can't just give your NFA firearms to your child when you die without filing forms to change title and paying tax, its a felony! -

#2 The trustees for your family trust just wants to get the guns out of the house, and neighbor Joe seems happy to take them; he even offered to pay $500. (who knew that guns had value?)

And the #1 reason to plan in 2016 is you want to control now what happens when you can't be in control later....so it is Time to Focus on your Family!

* * *

If you are browsing this page, YOU have an interest in making decisions for yourself about who you will allow to control part of your life when you cannot do it yourself and who will control your estate after you have died.  You are a person who enjoys "staying ahead of the curve," and I applaud you.

This website discusses some of the areas that are important for you to consider for how to handle your affairs and your assets. There may be many more considerations for your plan. Estate plans are personal and individual to a person or couple. They cannot be effective in a boilerplate format. They are about your life, the unique people in your life and your unique possessions.

I would be honored to assist you in creating a plan that fits you and your needs.  


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